Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Frank Dorian Baldwin Bible

Although not my direct ancestor, my great granduncle Frank Dorian Baldwin owned a Bible similar to his father, my 2nd great-grandfather Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr.  As with B. F. Baldwin's Bible, Frank's Bible was deemed lost after the death of my grandaunt Mattie Louise Baldwin (for more information see the previous post about B. F. Baldwin's Bible).

The last known copies of the genealogy information in the Bible were made around 1986 and are shown below.  

Births page Marriages page
Deaths page

A transcription of each page is given below. All information in brackets [ ] is explanatory.

Births Page
- Ora Baldwin born Nov. 8, 1883 [Mary Ora Woods]
- Dorian Baldwin born Nov. 21, 1885 [Frank Dorian Baldwin]
- Frank Cuffman Baldwin born Oct. 15, 1909
- Arthur Dorian Baldwin born Nov. 21, 1911. Died November 17, 1913
- Maggie Lougera Baldwin born October 26, 1914
- Bernice Dollan Baldwin born January 18, 1917

Marriages Page
- Frank C. Baldwin was united in marriage with Marie Kitzman Tues. Dec. 27, 1933 in Lake Charles, LA
- Maggie Lougera Baldwin was united in marriage with Earle E. Walker Friday May 17, 1935 in Houston, Tex.

Deaths Page
- Arthur Dorian Baldwin died Nov. 17, 1913
- Mary Ora Woods Baldwin died Nov. 17, 1960
- Maggie Lougera Baldwin Travis died Jan. 23, 1976
- Frank Dorian Baldwin died Oct. 13, 1978

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