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The B. F. Baldwin Family Bible

In the mid-1980s, my grandaunt Mattie Louise Baldwin (Aunt Lou) with help from my mother's cousin Nancy put together a booklet with the known genealogy research about the Baldwin family. At this time, a Bible owned by my 2nd great-grandfather Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr. was in Aunt Lou's possession.

When Aunt Lou died in late 1999, the Bible was either not found in her house or was accidentally discarded. So, the family is unfortunately no longer able to locate this Bible. The last known copies of the genealogy information in the Bible were made around 1986. At least one notation was added at that time – that C. W. Baldwin is a double first cousin of Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr. (copies are known to exist that do not have this notation). This is a correct notation as proven in the Minutes of the Probate Court of Walker County, Texas, Book G, Page 123.
Images of the Bible pages are shown below with a transcription of all of the genealogy data following.

Memoranda pageBirths page

Marriages pageDeaths page

A transcription of each page is given below. All information in brackets [ ] is explanatory.

Memoranda page
- B. F. Baldwin was born Jan. 12th, 1836 [Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Sr.]
- Maggie M. Baldwin was born March 25th, 1836 [Magdellen Moseley Guerrant, w/o B. F. Baldwin, Sr.]
- J. D. Clarke was born March 3rd, 1833 [Jack D. Clarke, father of Clara Ann Clarke]
- Marry (sic) D. Clarke was born ... [Mary Dudley Williams, mother of Clara Ann Clarke, born about 1834]
- M. J. Clarke was born March 28th, 1859 [Michael J. Clarke, brother of Clara Ann Clarke]
- W. H. Clarke was born Nov. 23rd, 1861 [William H. Clarke, brother of Clara Ann Clarke]
- Clara A. Clarke was born Oct. 27th, 1863 [Clara Ann Clarke, wife of B. F. Baldwin, Jr.]
- B. F. Baldwin, Jr. was born March 4th, 1861 [Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr.]
- C. W. Baldwin was born Aug. 9th, 1860 (a double first cousin of Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr.) [Charles W. Baldwin, son of Allen M. Baldwin (brother of B. F. Baldwin, Sr.) and Amanda Guerrant (sister of Magdellen Moseley Guerrant). Copies exist without this entry so it is a modern addition, probably in the 1980s.]

Births page
- Frank Dorian Baldwin was born Nov. 21st, 1885
- Mary Beatrice Baldwin was born July 29th, 1887
- Sallie Baldwin was born August 13th, 1889 [Sallie Smith Baldwin]
- Benjamin Downing Baldwin was born Nov. 1st, 1890
- Spencer Clarke Baldwin was born Dec. 19th, 1892 [Spencer Clarke Baldwin, Sr.]
- Mattie Ely Baldwin was born Sept. 5th, 1895

Marriages page
- Maggie Moseley Guerrant and B. F. Baldwin was (sic) married Feb. 10th, 1859
- J. D. Clarke and Marry (sic) D. Williams was (sic) married Nov. 12th, 1857
- Clara A. Clarke and B. F. Baldwin, Jr. were married May 21, 1884

Deaths page
- B. F. Baldwin, Sr. died March 22nd, 1869
- Clara Ann Baldwin died October 1st, 1958
- Mattie Guerrant died August 10th, 1895 [Catherine Pocohontas Martha Elizabeth Guerrant, sister of Maggie Moseley Guerrant]
- Mrs. V. M. S. Hill died February 27, 1898 [Virginia Mary Spencer Guerrant, sister of Maggie]
- Maggie Moseley Hamilton {Guerrant, Baldwin} died Jan. 20, 1920
- Mary D. Clarke died May 15th, 1867
- J. D. Clarke died Dec. 21st, 1892
- Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Jr. d. April 25, 1922
- Benjamin Downing Baldwin died October 24th, 1942
- Spencer Clarke Baldwin died March 22, 1967 [Spencer Clarke Baldwin, Sr.]

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