Monday, January 3, 2011

Today in Family History - 03 Jan

My 3rd great-grandfather James A. Anders, Jr. died on this day in 1900 in Walker County, Texas [1]. He was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Montgomery County, Texas [1]. (Note: The book "Montgomery County, Texas Cemeteries Volume 1" mistakenly lists this person as buried in Scott's Ridge Cemetery. Burial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery was confirmed on 24 Nov 2004.)

My 5th great-grandfather Moses Spencer (Baldwin line) was born on this day in 1763 in Virginia [2].

Today also marks a very sad anniversary in the Erickson family. On this day in 1934 my grandaunt Olive Irene Erickson drowned in Lake Michigan while ice skating with her fiancĂ© Einor Olson [3, 4]. They ventured out at night on the frozen lake and did not realize they had reached the open water shipping lanes. They apparently skated right off the end of the ice without even a hesitation.

[1] Mt. Pleasant Community Scrapbook, Cemetery and Church, Montgomery County, Texas, 1870-1979. Page 66.
[3] The Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan. 04 Jan 1934.
[4] Grand Rapids Herald, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 04 Jan 1934.

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