Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pegoda Family Bible

While doing research in the vertical files at the public library in Huntsville, Texas, I came across copies of a Pegoda (Anders line) family Bible. Not long after I discovered that the Bible was in the possession of my great-grandaunt Fannie Alma Birdette Pegoda (Alexander) outside Huntsville. While visiting with her one afternoon she showed the Bible to me. It was in quite bad shape. Numerous pages were loose, worn, torn, and damaged. The cover was deteriorating and no longer attached and the binding was falling apart. I talked with her about having the Bible restored, and she seemed to indicate that might be a good idea. She let me borrow the Bible to investigate having it preserved.

I took a number of photographs of the Bible (shown below) and located a book binder in Dallas, Texas who agreed to estimate the cost of doing some basic repairs and restoration. The cost came to more than $1,000. After trying to discuss with the family the desire and feasibility of doing the restoration, it became clear from Birdette's daughter Kay that she did not want the Bible to be preserved. She wanted it to remain like she and the other children and grandchildren remembered it.

To this day I really wonder if Kay understood what we were trying to do. The Bible would probably have looked more like it did to them as children than it does now. In any case, the Bible is currently unusable and I believe it will pass from existence in the near future. I was really saddened by all of this; to have such a family treasure only to let it deteriorate and so not be enjoyed by future generations.

So, what I have left are scans of the genealogical information in the Bible. At least if the Bible will be lost, I have attempted to preserve the information it contains.

Title page

Marriage certificate

Births page (1)

Births page (2)

Marriages page

Deaths page

Handwritten page included in Bible

A transcription of the Bible pages is given below. Information in brackets [ ] is explanatory.

Marriage Certificate Page
This is to certify that Lula Mae Burnett ['e' added] of Huntsville, Texas and Frank Pegoda of Huntsville, Texas were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Cline Prairie (?) on the 22nd day of June in the year of our Lord 1902 in the presence of Henry Stoveall, John Burnette, and Minnie Burnette (brother and sister of Bride).  Signed Brother Sanford.  At the home Bro. Sanford.

Births Page (1) [the first 12 entries are all children of Frank P. Pegoda and Lula Mae Burnett]
- Georgia Effie Florene Pegoda born July 25, 1903
- Sercey John Pegoda born October 28, 1905
- Inez Louise Pegoda born November 8, 1907
- E. F. Pegoda born March 21, 1909
- Henry Eugene Pegoda born August 15, 1912
- Nola Loretta Pegoda born October 24, 1914
- Fannie Birdette Pegoda born December 9, 1916
- Geraldine Pegoda born April 3, 1919
- Lula Marie Pegoda born March 21, 1921
- Erie Cecil Pegoda born June 18, 1923
- Frankie Charlene Pegoda born March 24, 1925
- Joe Winford Pegoda born June 25, 1926
- Frank Pegoda born March 17, 1873
- Lula Mae Burnett born June 20, 1885
- Loretta Josephine (Johnes) Burnette [Maiden name should be Jones]
born June 21, 1864
South Carolina, at Raleigh [Raleigh is in North Carolina]
- Edmon Foster Johnes Dec. 1, 1860, Died Jan. 4, 1934 [brother of Loretta Josephine Jones]
- Mary Rebcca (sic) Johnes Burnett  June 22, 1871 [wife of Edmon; can't confirm maiden name or possible relationship to Lula]
- Married Sept. 11, 1887 [marriage of Edmon and Mary]
- Mary Myrtle Born Aug. 11, 1887 [sister of Lula Mae, not sure about 'Mary' part]

Births Page (2)
- Adda Wanda Anders born October 11, 1924
- Joyce Mae Anders born August 27, 1926
- Roy Anders Junior born March 18, 1928
- Raye Glynn Pegoda born June 11, 1932
- Earl Wayne Jenkins born December 31, 1933
- Gerald F. Pegoda born March 19, 1934
- Earl Elton Jenkins born August 31, 1934
- Norma Kay Alexander born September 19, 1935
- Leslie Earl Alexander born December 5, 1936 [Junior]
- Bobbie Don Pegoda born June 23, 1938
- Thurston Eugene Mayes born August 2, 1939
- Glenda Louise Mayes born January 1941
- Victoria Cecile Gorman born January 1, 1944

Marriages Page
- Georgia Pegoda m. Roy Anders
- Inez Pegoda m. Earl Jenkins
- E. F. Pegoda m. Clara Elma Sandel, Saturday 2:30 P.M., February 20, 1932
- Sercy Pegoda m. Carrie Herren, Saturday night, October 14, 1933
- Birdette Pegoda m. Leslie Alexander, Sunday afternoon 3 P.M., September 16, 1934
- Nola Pegoda m. Howell Mayes, Jr., Saturday, March 28, 1936
- Geraldine Pegoda m. J. T. Webb, Saturday, Jan. 8, 1938
- Earie Pegoda m. James M. Cotton, Monday, June 16, 1941
- Lula Marie Pegoda m. Sargt. R. H. Tolbert, Saturday eve. 11:00 o'clock, Feb. 21, 1942
- Charlene Pegoda m. Corp'l William O. Nash, Saturday eve. 11:00 o'clock, Feb. 21, 1942 (Lula Marie and Charlene held a double wedding)

Deaths Page
- Earl Wayne Jenkins died Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1933 (grandson)
- Henry Eugene Pegoda died Aug. 3, 1940 12:55, o'clock (son)


  1. As a "Pegoda" and not knowing much family history, this was really nice to find and read!