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Moses Spencer Bible

The Bible of Moses Spencer (Baldwin line) is an excellent original source for a number of dates in the Spencer-Ayres-Guerrant part of the family tree. When I obtained copies of the Bible records, the Bible was in the possession of Rob Ayres, 119 Chase Road, Marlborough, MA  01752. (Mr. Ayres is apparently not related to our Ayres family, but he was unfortunately not interested in having the Bible placed back within the family.)

Title Page

Births page

Births/Deaths page

Marriages page

A transcription of the pages is given below. Information in brackets [ ] is explanatory.

Births page, column 1
Moses Spencer was born 3rd January 1763
Judith Spencer his wife 1st October 1768
Births of their children
John Spencer 28th September 1786
Nathan Spencer 20th June 1788
Polley Spencer 24th March 1790
Barkesdale Spencer 26th August 1793
Samuel Spencer 8th January 1791
Elizabeth Spencer 18 Nov 1799

Births page, column 2
James Spencer 18th April 1802
Moses A. Spencer 21st May 1805
Martha Spencer 15th June 1808
Judith Spencer 14th September 1811
[handwriting changes here]
Birth of J. D. Bondurants baby
Jennie Baker was born the 14th of March 1863
Birth of Willie Hooper's child
John Holman Hooper was born April 3rd 1871
Birth of Mary Lou James's children
Hartwell Boyd James was born January 31st 1869
James Daniel James was born October 7th 1871
[in pencil, partially unreadabale] M____ _____ James was born ___ 12th 1873

Births/Deaths page [page is badly damaged], Births column
Jane Elizabeth was born the 5 of August 1832
James Spencer was born 9th of February 1834
Judith Virginia was born 19th of June/July [both months written, no year]
Martha Ellen [?] born 30th of Aug 1839
_____ Anna 23 of April 1843
Hartwell G. Holman was born 27th of November 1844
Mary Louisa was born the 21st of December 1847
Ida Tandy was born 7th of November 1854

Births/Deaths page [page is badly damaged], Deaths column
Jane Elizabeth died April 5th 1857
Hartwell G. the 27th of February 1863
_____ Virginia the 16th of June 1863
James __ Holman
April H. Holman
7th 1873
___ __ Jones
Dec 7th 1874
Ayres Spencer
Sept. 1877
Tandy Holman Feb 23 18_9
Jennie B. Bondurant
July 25th 1800 aged 17 [?]

Marriages page
Moses Spencer married Judith Ayres 5th January 1786
Polly Spencer, Charles Guerrant 13th July 1806
John Spencer, Elizabeth W. Price 3rd August 1809
Nathan Spencer, Judith D. Fuqua 14th Nov 1815
Barkesdale Spencer to Polley 18
[in pencil, partially unreadable] __ ___ & _________ Dec 17th 1807
Elizabeth H. Spencer to Char Jones 13th June 1817
Moses A. Spencer to Ann Bradley Nov 1830
Judith H. Spencer to Tandy Holman Nov 1831
Martha A. Spencer to Isham Gilliam Dec 1832
Saml A. Spencer to Mary A. Moseley May 1819
[part of the Lord's prayer is written out here]

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