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Dr. Traylor Letter #6

Date: 29 Sep 1858

In today's letter from Dr. John Randolph Traylor, Sr. to John Hill, Dr. Traylor expresses his enjoyment at visitors from Texas. But, he appears to have been quite busy as a doctor with many illnesses circulating at the time. He mentions the deaths of many common acquaintances in recent time.

The remainder of the letter comments on continuing poor crops and summarizes payments on debts outstanding to John Hill.



                                Marion La Sept 29th /58
Col. John Hill

Dear Sir,
     We were all very agreably [sic] surpprised [sic] on the arival [sic] of our Texas visitors. After being in company with them some time they all looked natural. The boys & Pup (?) are very much altered, in evry [sic] respect & I must say for the better. I think you have good reason to be proud of three such children, but this is becoming personal so I will stop.
     It has been my misfortune not to see as much of them as I would have liked. I don't beleave [sic] that, I have spent three hours with sister Nancy since she has been here. We have had more sickness this season than for many previous years.
     But with verry [sic] little fatality. About farmervill it has been more fatal. Tho. Raband, Old Bruno, Mrs. Culverhouse, Old Mrs. Glapen (?), two or three of Darby's children are some of the victims at (?) Ouaehita Cty. Wright that, maried [sic]Bill Ivey's wife, Mrs. John Narsworthy, & Old Mrs. Ellis.
     Our cotton crops are as poor as you ever saw rased [sic] in this neighbourhood, I do not think that, I can make more than 300 tt per acre, your Old place 216 acres 25 or 30 bags. Hart & Ross 40 to 50 hands 100 bags. Old Elias sas [sic] he has the poorest crop he ever rased [sic], but enough of this. The boys & Trave (?) can tell you more about it than I have the time to wright [sic]
     Soon after I wote [sic] you last I saw Mayo, He promised that, he would hawl [sic] his first picking to the Miss. River & sold for your benefit. Cooper when he found that, he would be sued came down & promised that, he would out of his first ginning of his cotton hawl [sic] to the landing a sufficient amount to satisfy the debt he ows [sic] you, subject to my order. Everett has done nothing. The fact is I have not had time to call on him.
     The Cole debt, is not all yet paid. There is yet unpaid about $500.00 which Willingham promised to pay soon. $600.00 were paid resently [sic] $500.00 of which I sent to F - S - & Co. & have just recieved [sic] there [sic] acknowledgement of its receipt. They promised to acknowledge to you. I have made no further collections. It is not Cole's fault that the money was not paid in his case he had made his arrange & thought it would be paid promptly. He expects to move out this fall. The Kesu (?) debt is in a 12 months bond.
     Susan Joins me in love to you all

     Respectfully yours & C&C

         John Traylor

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