Monday, July 19, 2010

Today in Family History - 19 Jul

On this day in 1833 my 5th great-grandfather Zachariah Landrum (Baldwin and Anders lines) died in Washington County, Coahuila y Texas, Mexico, in an area which would become Montgomery County, Texas [1]. He was buried in a red brick tomb built by his slaves on his land in what is now called Springer-Landrum cemetery [2]. The cemetery is on private land, two miles south of Montgomery, Texas on F. M. 149, and one mile or so to the west of the highway. The cemetery has also been called Linten or Linton Cemetery. The cemetery had been lost until the 1960s when it was rediscovered by descendants doing genealogy research in the family. The tomb has long since collapsed leaving a heap of worn bricks to mark Zachariah's grave.

Grave marker for Zachariah Landrum

Zachariah Landrum's grave

[1] Minutes of the Probate Court of Montgomery County, Texas. Book A, Pages 222 and 223.

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