Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Revolutionary War Ancestors

With the recent 4th of July holiday, the inaugural blog post is fittingly about our ancestors that served in or actively supported the Revolutionary War. For the ancestors with proven lineage and service below, I have submitted supplemental applications to Sons of the American Revolution, all of which have been approved. The SAR supplemental membership certificates can be viewed here.

Ancestors with proven lineage and service:
- Nathan Ayres, Sr. (Baldwin line): material support (DAR A004126)
- Thomas Berry, Sr. (Anders line): Captain, 8th Virginia Regiment (DAR A009642)
- * Francis Coleman, Sr. (Baldwin line): Private, Georgia (DAR A024299)
- Richard Comfort, Sr. (Erickson line): Private, New York militia (DAR A024718)
- Jonathan Covell (Erickson line): Private, New York militia (DAR A026752)
- Peter Guerrant, Jr. (Baldwin line): Captain, Virginia (DAR A048146)
- Zachariah Landrum (Anders and Baldwin lines): Private, Georgia (DAR A068512)
- Robert Rankin (Anders line): Lieutenant, 7th Virginia Regiment (DAR A094373)
- Moses Spencer (Baldwin line): Private, Virginia militia (DAR A107058)
- Jesse Womack (Baldwin line): Lieutenant, Georgia (DAR A127557)

* DAR says Francis Coleman, Sr. was in the South Carolina militia, furnished supplies, and served on a jury

Others who may have served / supported (lineage or service unproven):
- Jeremiah Coleman, Jr. (Erickson line): Corporal, 4th Connecticut Regiment; died of small pox in camp 25 Oct 1777; son of Jeremiah Coleman, Sr.; lineage unproven at son Jeremiah Coleman, III
- Jeremiah Coleman, Sr. (Erickson line): Sergeant, 4th Connecticut Regiment; lineage unproven at grandson Jeremiah Coleman, III
- James Covell, Sr. (Erickson line): drummer boy, New York militia; very speculative; son of Jonathan Covell (above)
- Gilbert Denton (Erickson line): Private, 4th Connecticut Regiment; died at the Battle of Wyoming; lineage unproven at grandson Jeremiah Coleman, III
- James Gilleland, Sr. (Anders line): Private, Virginia militia; lineage unproven at son William Gilleland; (DAR A044935)
- John Pierce (Erickson line): Private, NY militia; lineage unproven at daughter Rebecca B. Pierce
- Henry Tine (Anders and Baldwin lines): British army deserter; lineage unproven at daughter Letitia Tine
- William M. Traylor, Sr. (Baldwin line): Private, Virginia; lineage unproven at grandson Dr. John Randolph Traylor, Sr. (DAR A116257)
- John Pleasant Worsham (Baldwin line): Private, Virginia; lineage unproven at son Jeremiah Worsham

Note: These are just direct line ancestors - many of their family members (brothers, uncles, and cousins) also served in or supported the Revolutionary War.

If any of you know of any other Patriots in our family line, please let me know.

Also - DAR finally is beginning to put its treasure trove on the internet. I am sure the DAR Genealogical Research System will become an invaluable tool in genealogy research for the Revolutionary War period.

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  1. Please contact me to compare notes about your NY Colemans who married Carskadens / Carskaddens who moved to Perry Co. PA (I descend from Elizabeth Carskadden, dau. of George, who married James Blaine. A Thomas Carskadden, brother? uncle?, married in the same church as she. On a different maternal genealogical line, I also share the knightly Dymokes (my ancestor was Joseph Bolles to early Maine). I also have early Dutch and Quaker Anders/Andrews that might or might not match yours. I have downloaded your helpful Leaf-Roots pdf book, so have that base already. Would love to see what else we might be able to connect up by pooling, but I'm especially curious about the Carskaddens-Colemans. Sue Miller Smith, historian@suddenlink.net