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New Research - Vanderklok

Sometimes all it takes is one small lucky break to open a blocked research path. I happened across a message board post that referenced the surname Vandermade (Thompson line). I added a message to the thread and it generated an email response from a man named Dave Bush in Muskegon, Michigan with a complete listing of the children of Tiete van der Klok and Stijntje van Zanten. And, sure enough, in the list of children was my 2nd great-grandmother Jennie Vanderklok and her husband Minard Vandermade.

It seems my previous research effort had been blocked by name variations found in Jennie's death certificate. It stated her father as Tiede Vanderkolk, both names being variants of the most common names Tiete Vanderklok.

With this corrected information I have been able to use the Genlias website (an incredible website for Dutch genealogy research after 1811) and to further document the van der Klok line.

Before I summarize the research findings, I need to address three inconsistencies in Jennie's birth record. First, her name was Janna, although Jennie is a logical Americanization. Second, her last name is shown as van der Kolk. Although this is consistent with her death certificate, it is not consistent with the many other family records for her parents and siblings. The surname van der Klok (or Vanderklok in America) is deemed to be correct. Third, her father's name is listed as Pieter instead of Tiete or Tiede. This is believed to be a mistake for several reasons - her mother's name is correct; Tiete did have a brother named Pieter that was perhaps recorded by the clerk as the father by mistake; the birth certificate of Jennie's younger sister Henderika has the same mistake; but the birth record of a still younger stillborn infant is correct ensuring that Tiete had not died. I think the weight of the evidence tips easily toward Janna van der Klok as being the daughter of Tiete van der Klok.

Here is a summary of the newly discovered information, beginning with Jennie Vanderklok's parents and then extending to her grandparents. Patronymics (father's first name) are given parentheses. Note also that if a child dies then traditionally the next child of the same sex is given the name of the deceased child. So, a list of children could contain two or more children with the same name.

3rd great grandparents:
Tiete van der Klok was born on 17 Oct 1821 in Westeremden gem. Stedum, Groningen, The Netherlands to Steven (Derks) van der Klok and Menje (Jans) Reinders. He married Stijntje van Zanten on 17 Nov 1849 in Uithuizen, Groningen, The Netherlands. Stijntje was born on 10 Feb 1831 in Uithuizen to Derk (Hendriks) van Zanten and Sijtje (Tjarks) Hoffman. Tiete died on 12 Dec 1908 in Muskegon, Michigan. Stijntje died on 12 Nov 1909 in Muskegon. They are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Muskegon, Michigan (lot 3-10-8).

1870 United States Census: could not locate them

1880 United States Census: Muskegon, Michigan, Page 196 B
(indexed as Peter Clock, but reads more like Tetev Clock; includes daughter Jennie; Clock is the Americanization of Klok minus the 'van der')

1900 United States Census: Muskegon, Michigan, Page 167 B

Children of Tiete and Stijntje:
1) Sietje van der Klok: b. 19 Mar 1850 in Uithuizen; m. a Mr. Haan; d. 12 Jan 1921 in Muskegon.
2) Mina van der Klok: b. 19 Sep 1851 in Uithuizen; d. 29 Sep 1879 in Muskegon.
3) Derk van der Klok: b. 22 Sep 1853 in Uithuizen; d. 07 Jun 1854 in Uithuizen.
4) Derk van der Klok: b. 15 Sep 1855 in Uithuizen; d. 18 Oct 1855 in Uithuizen.
5) Derk van der Klok (a.k.a. Dell Clark): b. 19 Oct 1856 in Uithuizen; d. 19 Sep 1913 in Muskegon.
6) Henderika van der Klok: b. 22 Nov 1858 in Uithuizen; d. 15 Feb 1923 in Muskegon.
7) Janna van der Klok (a.k.a. Jennie): b. 09 Sep 1860 in Uithuizen; m. Minard Vandermade on 13 Jun 1882 in Muskegon; d. 26 Dec 1928 in Muskegon; buried in Oakwood Cemetery.
8) Infant Vandermade: b. and d. 30 Apr 1864 in Uithuizen.

4th great-grandparents (parents of Tiete van der Klok):
Steven (Derks) van der Klok was born about 1786, surely in the Netherlands, to Derk van der Klok. His mother's name is not known. He married Menje (Jans) Reinders before 1806. Menje was born about 1782, surely in the Netherlands, to Jan Reinders and Aafke Addens. Steven died on 13 Apr 1828 in Stedum, Groningen, The Netherlands. Menje died on 25 Oct 1843 in Westeremden (Stedum).

Children of Steven and Menje:
1) Derk van der Klok: b. Abt 1806; d. 27 Aug 1853 in Loppersum, Groningen, The Netherlands.
2) Jan van der Klok: b. 12 May 1813 in Westeremden (Stedum); d. 23 Nov 1848 in Westeremden (Stedum).
3) Pieter van der Klok: b. 19 Aug 1816 in Westeremden (Stedum); d. 18 Nov 1892 in Garsthuizen, Groningen.
4) Arend van der Klok: b. 19 Aug 1819 in Westeremden (Stedum).
5) Tiete van der Klok: b. 17 Oct 1821 in Westeremden (Stedum); m. Stijntje van Zanten on 17 Nov 1849 in Uithuizen, Groningen; d. 12 Dec 1908 in Muskegon, Michigan.

4th great-grandparents (parents of Stijntje van Zanten):
Derk (Hendriks) van Zanten was born about 1806 to Hendriks and Trientje van Zanten. He married Sijtje (Tjarks) Hoffman on 09 May 1829 in Uithuizen. Sijtje was born about 1805 to Tjark (Jans) and Stijntje Hoffman. Derk died on 03 May 1851 in Uithuizen. Sijtje remarried to Eisse van der Molen on 05 Apr 1854 in Uithuizen. Sijtje died on 14 Mar 1882 in Uithuizen.

Children of Derk and Sijtje:
1) Stijntje van Zanten: b. 10 Feb 1831 in Uithuizen; m. Tiete van der Klok on 17 Nov 1849 in Uithuizen; d. 12 Nov 1909 in Muskegon, Michigan.
2) Trientje van Zanten: b. 11 Feb 1833 in Uithuizen; d. 03 Aug 1833 in Uithuizen.

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  1. I just copied 8 pages of some research done that was in my email account in July of 2010, posted by (Dave Bush) to Kevin. I am interested in this line because my husband's mother was Barbara Haan. Her dad was Charlie Haan & his brother was Clyde. I have a family picture of young cute blonde haired Charlie with his family. His parents were Klass Riepke Haan & Sadie (Sietje) Vandekok. I see the spelling is VanderKlok! I knew my husband was related to the Clocks, and we attended school with 3 our age (born in 1950's). The way the report reads, to me, is that the children of Klass & Sietje aren't listed right. It looks like all those children, including Charles Haan & his brother Clyde, were born to Annie & Hiram (#3 matches)Workman but that couldn't be (Workman last name)...The #2 of Sietje VanDerKlok & Klass Haan doesn't match up with the children listed in #3. Some of the names are spelled differently than what names I was given by Barb Haan Meyer. I will have to get back to you & look on the back of the picture. I wrote details. I am listed in other ancestry places as (but excite erased all my messages). Hope we can straighten this all out. from Denice Meyer