Monday, July 12, 2010

The Baldwin Family, Cir. 1946

One of the great things about a genealogy blog is that whether photos were once gathering dust in a box or pristinely kept in a photo album, they can be shared and enjoyed by many other kinfolk. And we have a great selection today courtesy of my mother's cousin Nancy.

This is a photograph of the Baldwin family of Walker County, Texas from circa 1946. Family photos are great and sometimes hard to come by. The downside to such a photo is figuring out who is in the photograph. We made surprisingly good progress on this one.

Using the index image, here is the best identification we could make. If you know any of the missing people or notice a mistaken identity, please leave a comment. Thanks!

2 -
10 -
22 -
24 -
25 -
26 -
28 -



  1. May I ask how you got the index image? This is great for pictures with so many people!

  2. To get the black and white version of the photo, I loaded the photo into a photo management program (in this case iPhoto on my iMac) and fiddled with the image properties (contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, etc.). I have done it a few times, but never remember what works best, so I just move the settings around for a while until it looks ok.

    To get the red numbering, I used a graphics program called Gimp (but anything like Photoshop will work fine) to add red text markers to the image.

    I would imagine any graphics program and most good photo management software allow you to do some or most of this.

    Hope this helps! It does indeed make photo description and identification much easier.