Monday, October 8, 2012

Pegoda Ancestry Notes

I have previously posted briefly on our Pegoda family ancestry. While no new primary evidence has surfaced, I have had contact with others in the family in the United States and some potential relatives overseas. The general consensus seems to be that John Pegoda, Sr. (born circa 1822, died after 1900) was likely part of the Pogade family that originated in the mid-1700s from the area known today as Ruda, Poland. The family tree below was put together by Wolfgang Pogade who lives in Berlin, Germany. The best guess would be that John is a long lost son or nephew of Johann Gottlieb August Pogade, born 25 May 1794. Again, nothing is certain as the children of August cannot be traced in their entirety in Poland or Germany. This is general speculation based on family histories and geographical and temporal proximity. (Many thanks to Wolfgang for sharing and helping out!)

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