Monday, July 16, 2012

Clark Thompson - 1940 US Census

As successful as it was, I am glad to be done going page by page in the 1940 United States census. My last find includes my grandparents Clark Minard Thompson and Evelyn Thorst Erickson. They are in lines 1 and 2 of the image below (Hartford County, Connecticut enumeration district 2-23, page 61B). The process of finding this record was interesting.

I have a 1940 selective service registration card for my grandfather. Using Google maps, I mapped his 1940 home address and found the nearest cross streets. I then used the "find enumeration district by intersection" feature in the 1940 census at This led me to the right enumeration district that had some 20 odd pages. Of course, near the end of the pages, there they were. The internet is an amazing tool...

1940 United States Census
Hartford County, Connecticut, ED 2-23, page 61B

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