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Dr. Traylor Letter #12

Date: 05 Apr 1861

Today's letter from Dr. John Randolph Traylor, Sr. to John Hill deals primarily with financial concerns and small talk about farming.



                        Marion Apr 5th 1861
Col. John Hill
Waverly, Texas

Dear Sir,

Your favour of the 11th March has been received. I am sorry; to here [sic] that Katie's health is bad. It is a consolation to know however, that her disease is one more of annoyance than danger.

As respect the Cole controversy, I believe I once before stated to you all the particulars.

When he caled [sic] on me to get a map of the land in order that, he might look at it. I showed him the map you left me for the benefit of Mrs. Bryant. That map I have never since been able to find & have sometimes thought it was in company with his lost deed. The one you sent with the Power of Attorney (and which was identical with it in so far as his purchais [sic] & the 1/4 in dispute is concerned) is the one since used. After showing him the map & telling him that you said "there was 1960 acres in round numbers" I then as he says truly "plased[sic] my finger on the disputed 1/4" & said Mr. Cole here is a 1/4 section detached from this tract, which Mr. Hill will sell with or without it, & advised him to look at it, saying that you told me it was the best land you had. He says I "bosted [sic] on it" & I told him that I had never seen it. Now it appears to me that any man of ordinary judgment would have known that it was not offered with the other at $6000.

He says I told him that $6000 would purchais [sic] all south of a certain line. If I said so it was in reference to the 1960 acres offered at that price. If the 1/4 section was to be sold with or without the other tract, no one would suppose it would be at the same price. $6000 was the only amt, mentioned. I think, perhaps it would be as well to leave it to arbitration as there is no prospect of selling land in this country soon.

Fact, Maclin paid his 1st note about 1st March that is he paid $811.00 which was sent to F & S in a fiew [sic] days, they say to me that they have acknowledged to you. There was a mistake in the time I counted interest of $18.15 which has been since paid.

I took Mayo's draft payable 20th March for the amt due from him. It was returned for non payment a fiew [sic] days since. But for the rane [sic] this morning I should have sent, today to get his note or the money. I shall send tomorrow if he does not pay, sue immediately.

I have written to Mr. Lupo giving him the direction you desire. I sent the note of Phelps & Lupo for allowans [sic]. The attoumey [sic] says Mrs. Phelps denies that it is a furm [sic] note says it never went to the use & benefit of the firm.

It sounds a little strange to here [sic] you speak of planting cotton so early. Allmost [sic] every day of week before last we had frost.

I have a pretty [sic] good stand of corn & had commensed [sic] planting cotton but the rane [sic] stoped [sic] me. It is now raning [sic] very hard.

I am planting about 200 Acres of my best land in cotton & about the same in corn 70 acres in Oats.

This leaves us all well. Dr. White starts to the City tomorrow. I shall send this by him to be mailed in the city. Love to all.

               Respectfully & Truly yours

                            John Traylor

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