Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Research - Kuijper (again)

Thanks to a kind, distant half-cousin (of some order) named Christa in Germany who contacted me recently, I have been able to add and extend the Kuijper part of the family tree again. From this research another signature has appeared: my 4th great-grandfather Daniel Kuijper, Sr. He is the immigrant ancestor for the Kuijper line. His signature was found on the birth certificate for his daughter Aaltje.

Signature of Daniel Kuijper, Sr., 1837
This birth certificate was a key find. The line up through Aaltje to Daniel and beyond was missing Aaltje's birth certificate to firmly confirm the line. Aaltje was born in Wieringen, Noord-Holland. Birth certificates for 3 additional siblings have also been found (Dirk, Eva Wilhelmina, and Daniel, Jr.). Two younger siblings are indicated in the immigration record but are yet to be confirmed with birth certificates (Meetje and Grietje). Dirk also immigrated but he is listed after his father and siblings as a separate family. Dirk died on 23 April 1896 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Daniel, Sr. was baptized on 31 May 1801 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Daniel's father Dirk was baptized on 20 Oct 1773 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Dirk's mother Grietje Smient was baptized on 30 Nov 1738 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. She died on 29 Jul 1808 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Grietje married Jan Kuijper on 12 Aug 1770 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands (or possibly 28 Jul 1770, I can't read the Dutch to determine which date is the marriage date). Grietje's parents were Dirk Smient and Aafje Bruijn. She had at least 3 siblings (Cornelis, Antje, and a younger sister Grietje who died very young).

Dirk Smient and Aafje Bruijn, my 7th great-grandparents, were married on 12 Nov 1734 in Twisk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Dirk's father was named Jacob; Aafje's father was named Cornelis. This 277 year-old document is shown below.

Marriage of Dirk Smient and Aafje Bruin, 12 Nov 1734,
Twisk, North Holland, Netherlands