Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Research - van der Klok (Part 2)

The neatest part about the recent van der Klok research is the images of original documents from the Netherlands. One of them, the birth certificate of my 3rd great-grandmother Stijntje van Zanten, contains the signature of her father. This is the first signature I have found for an ancestor outside the United States.
Signature of Derk Hendriks van Zanten
Below at left is the original document (Stijntje's birth certificate), and to the right the birth certificate of her husband Tiete van der Klok. I found all of these documents on a website Thea pointed me to for Groningen, Netherlands: http://www.allegroningers.nl

Birth certificate of Stijntje van Zanten
Birth certificate of Tiete van der Klok

I was also able to locate Tiete and Stijntje's marriage license (below). They are the immigrant ancestors for the van der Klok line. It is interesting that almost all of Tiete's siblings remained in the Netherlands.

Marriage license for Tiete van der Klok and Stijntje van Zanten
I can't read them, but they are neat to find nevertheless!

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