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Rev. Francis Doughty, Jr.

My 10th great-grandfather Rev. Francis Doughty, Jr. (Anders line) is not only the most distant ancestor certainly known in my family (ok, so technically his father is actually), but he is also the first person in our family known to be in America. The birth of his son Enoch in 1639 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts began a well-documented line of 13 consecutive generations born in America, extending at the time of this writing to my children. This line is also deeply rooted in Texas history as a continuous 7 generation line beginning with the birth of Sarah A. Rankin in the Republic of Texas on 10 Jan 1842, containing 3 citizens of the Republic of Texas, and extending to two of my children at the time of this writing.  The full line is (with proof of parentage citations in the earliest generations)

Francis Doughty, Jr. m. Bridget ________
 └ Enoch Doughty [4, 7]
   └ Margaret Doughty [1, 4, 6]
     └ Joseph Berry, Jr. [1, 2, 4, 5]
       └ Thomas Berry, Sr. [1, 3]
         └ Margaret Berry
           └ William Marshall Rankin, Sr.
             └ Sarah A. Rankin
               └ Robert Lee Anders
                 └ Roy Jacob Anders, Sr.
                   └ Adda Wanda Anders
                     └ (my mother)
                       └ (me)

Francis, Jr. was reportedly born on 04 Nov 1605 in Hempstead, Gloucestershire, England and died on 02 Mar 1682/3 in New York, New York, New York. Unfortunately, I am not sure where these dates come from. He first married a woman named Bridget, who was my 10th great-grandmother. What are well documented are his movements and activities as a pastor in colonial New England [7, 8].

After losing his Anglican pulpit in England to his Protestant leanings, Francis came to America in the early to mid-1630s. He is first seen in the Boston area and became pastor of a new church in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts for a short time around 1639. It is here where his son Enoch is born.

Francis then went to Rhode Island and participated in a colonizing project to place an English-speaking settlement on Long Island which led him to a pastorate there in New York for the years 1643 to 1646. A new English settlement in nearby Flushing, New York lured Francis to a pastorate that lasted from 1647 to 1654. Upon leaving during a dispute with his church in Flushing, Francis is next seen in Hungars Parish on the Accomac peninsula of Virginia from about 1655 to 1658/9. In Jun 1657, he married Ann Eaton (widowed sister of William Stone, ex-governor of Maryland) indicating that Bridget had passed away.

Francis is next seen in Charles County, Maryland from about 1659 to about 1662. Leaving amidst yet more controversy, he is next seen in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia from 1662 to 1669. At some point, Francis returned to New England where he died in New York.

Children of Francis Doughty, Jr. and Bridget
1) Mary Doughty [7] married 1st Adrian Vanderdonck and 2nd Hugh O'Neal.
2) Francis Doughty, III [7]
3) Elias Doughty [7]
4) Enoch Doughty [4, 7] was born in 1639 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts [7]. He died before 09 May 1677 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia [9].

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