Friday, November 19, 2010

Dr. John Allen White Letter

Before my 3rd great-grandfather Dr. John Allen White (Baldwin line) died, he wrote a letter to one of his children, copies (or transcriptions) of which are still extant. Links to images of a transcription and a typed transcription are given below.



Transcription of a copy of a letter written by Dr. John Allen White, undated, recipient unknown but one of his children (transcribed by Kevin Paul Thompson, 26 Apr 2007)

Copy from manuscript (?) written by Dr. J. A. White

I graduated from the medical department of University of La. In the spring of 1853 I practiced medicine in Union Parish, La. until Jan. 1862.  I then went into the Army as Captain of Company I, 31st Regiment, infantry of La.  I did my utmost to fill the office credibly.  I succeeded well enough to have the _____ and respect of my superior officers and when in the winter (?) of 1864 I had to resign on account of bad health.  Every (?) soldier under me without excetpion was my personal friend.  From 1865 to 1907 I practiced medicine in various places in Tex.  Since 1907 old age and failing health made it evident that my days of usefullness had passed.  Since then I have waiting, waiting for death with his sycle (sic) to cur me down.

As neighbour, father, husband, citizen and soldier I have ____ _____ and fearlessly done what I believed to be my duty.  I reverence my God and sumbit without murmoring to his will.

What I wish is I must have a coffin, no herse (sic) that is the superlative of foolishness, no clothes except what I have.  Guess there will have to be $5.00 expended for my grave.  Do not care where I am to be buried.  Your mother wanted to be buried by George.  If there is not room for all three leave the space for her besides (sic) George.  I wish you to remember that your mother has been a good wife and a good mother.  Do your utmost to make the remainder of her life happy.  She has had a heap of sad experiences but has always met the necessities of life ___fully.

[The note below was obviously added to the letter or the copy.]

He was born 1829 Dec 8 in Washington, Ga.  Died April 3rd 1911 at __ 10 A.M. Huntsville, Texas.

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