Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guerin de Beaumont

While doing genealogy research years ago at the Genealogy Room at the Huntsville Public Library in Huntsville, Texas, I came across a booklet put together by Opal McAdams Samuel. (As I recall, Opal had lived in Madisonville, Texas.) The roughly 40 page booklet was titled "Guerin de Beaumont - Guerrant" and contained the results of Opal's research into her Guerrant ancestors.

I found this particularly helpful in learning about and locating primary Guerrant documentation and in tracing a good portion of the Guerrant family tree (Baldwin line) from Daniel and Marie Guerin downward. It contains transcripts of many very old letters from the 1920s through the 1940s concerning Guerrant family history. I think it is an excellent resource and should be more widely available to Guerrant family researchers. I photocopied the entire booklet and have provided links to the scanned pages below.

I am grateful to people like Opal who have taken the time to organize and publish the results of their genealogy research. It is so very helpful to others who follow in their footsteps. I would hope that she and her kin do not mind this booklet being made available on the internet.

Guerin de Beaumont - Guerrant by Opal McAdams Samuel
Page i - Title Page
Page ii - Author
Page iii - Memoriam
Page iv - References

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