Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Baldwin Car Accident

On this date in 1958 the Baldwin family was in a serious one-car accident near Jasper, Texas. My grandfather George Avner Baldwin was driving when he lost control and hit a tree. Granddaddy, Grandmother, my mother, my uncle Andy, and my great-grandmother Georgia Effie Florene Pegoda were in the car. I believe Mom said at least one person, if not multiple people, were thrown from the car.

George was not injured. Grandmother suffered fractures in her jaw, right arm, and pelvis along with lacerations; she had to have her jaw wired shut for a time. Mother and Andy suffered only minor cuts and bruises. Georgia was most seriously injured with a severe head injury and lacerations. It is believed that this head injury eventually shortened her life.

As I recall my grandfather believed there were ruts or grooves in the road that contributed to his losing control of the car. The newspaper article below, probably from the Huntsville Item about 09 Sep 1958, also indicates the road was wet.

(Thanks to Mom's cousin Nancy for a copy of this article.)

Unknown newspaper article about the accident

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