Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dr. Traylor Letter #4

Date: Unknown

Today's letter written by Dr. John Randolph Traylor, Sr. is an undated partial letter probably written to John Hill. I have posted it following last week's "Dr. Traylor Letter #3" dated 14 Jan 1858 as there are added notations indicating this undated letter is page 5 of another letter. Therefore, it could very well be the conclusion of the 14 Jan 1858 letter.

The original transcription by Kyle Traylor continues well beyond the single page copy I have indicating there were additional pages.


Influenza has prevailed more universally through this country than I ever knew it. Though but fiew [sic] cases assume a serious aspect.
     Tell Sisters Sarah & Nancy to through [sic] there [sic] headaches & bad spells to the dogs & laugh & grow fat. There is no use in this being always sick.
     This leaves us all in good health with fine appetites but not so much to eat. Give my love to them & all the rest of the family. Please tell Brothers Champion & Wm I should like very much to here [sic] from them.

Respectfully yours &c
                  John Traylor

I find that my sheet is not full & I have yet some time to spar [sic]. The [Ross?] & Bryants have got there [sic] property. They compromised with Goldsby at the tune of five thousand dollars. He paying all cost. They have not yet settled with Mr. George & I think they aprehend [sic] a dificulty [sic]. Hart & Mrs. Lock seem to know nothing about your a/c for Rope. Mrs. Lock says she is satisfied they never got rope but once & that, that was paid. I have written to Dean about it sometime since but Rec'd no reply, please write me about it.

[The remainder of this page is torn. Blanks indicate the missing words.]

They have made a fine crop this year 11 bags _____ hand on the old place.
I understand Dr. _____ he is done with the swamp & intends _____ here (on his place). If the boys wish _____ Wm Lankins is married to Miss _____

[The letter stops but Kyle Traylor's transcription continues, a page image is missing.]

Lady he fooled last year. Mary Noby (?) is maried [sic] to her Brother. I have not seen Maj. Moor as yet. When I do I shall be sertain [sic] to show him Kesu's (?) letters. What does he mean by saying he will pay you the same interest this year as agreed upon? Does he mean to pay it only for this year or all the while Jim Ross is guardian for John his Brother. I expect they will go to the Lock place, Wm & Mims will farm it togeather [sic], I expect they will buy the Kidd (?) place. They speak something of buying your place up there if Robinson does not take it. Jos. Bryant is still on Paschal's old place & has rented it for next year. He thinks he will make 50 bags & counts but four hands. Pretty good for old worn out land. Mrs. Bryant's hands are to be hired out on saturday next. They say she has paid Mr. George all but 3 or 4 thousand dollars with her dues in Ala-Our Floridoy [sic] friends have returned Sam, B-and Amanda both badly worsted, neither able to set up but very little & both very much reduced in flesh. They are however both improving now.
     There has been more imigration [sic] to this country this season than there has been in five, It is said that a great many have started that, can not reach here on (?) account of the swamp. It ranes (?) every two or 3 _____ are (?) going to have a great River _____ you (?) are hastily tired & must Receive it _____ have not time to look it over to _____


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