Saturday, July 10, 2010

Citizens of the Republic of Texas

One of the more astounding facts about my family history is the number of ancestors who were citizens of the Republic of Texas: 23 proven, 2 present before independence, and 2 unproven. For a country that only existed for 10 years, 27 seems like quite a large number! This is all the more surprising when it all comes from only one side of my family tree.

The flag shown was the first official flag of the Republic of Texas before the current flag was adopted in 1839.

For the 25 proven ancestors, I have submitted supplemental applications to the Sons of the Republic of Texas all of which have been approved. The SRT supplemental membership certificates can be viewed here.

Here is a full accounting...

Ancestors with proven lineage and citizenship:
James Anders, Sr. (Anders line)
James A. Anders, Jr. (Anders line)
Jane (Baldwin) (Baldwin line)
Precilla Boatwright (Anders line)
Tabitha Ford (Baldwin line)
Martha Formby (Anders line)
Daniel Gilleland, Sr. (Anders line)
Nancy Gilleland (Anders line)
Nancy Johnson (Anders line)
Catherine Landrum (Baldwin line)
Sarah Landrum (Anders line)
Robert Rankin (Anders line)
Sarah A. Rankin (Anders line)
Amy Rushing (Anders line)
Letitia Tine (Anders and Baldwin lines)
Emily Frances Womack (Baldwin line)
John N. Womack, Jr. (Baldwin line)
Israel Worsham (Baldwin line)
Jeremiah Worsham (Baldwin line)

Ancestors who died before independence:
Zachariah Landrum (Anders and Baldwin lines)

Others who may have been citizens (lineage unproven):
William D. Baldwin (Baldwin line): presumed husband of Jane (Baldwin)
James Ford (Baldwin line): presumed father of Tabitha Ford


  1. Neat post! Thanks for sharing!

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    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill ;-)
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  2. This is a good idea. I haven't gone through the paperwork for DRT, yet (theoretically the spelling of my maiden name would get me on it since it is unique to descendants of two of the guys on the list) but have two families who came in 1824.